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Debbie Seaton has been a transformational mentor and life coach to me over the past twelve months. I came to Debbie in a very debilitated state of major depression. With an imbedded sense of hopelessness and a belief that perhaps I may not survive, (despite my own longstanding intentions to heal and the assistance of some wonderful healers) I found myself at a real cross road in my life (again). I could choose to continue living a life invested in suffering or I could choose to live a life of hope and healing and growth. It was my choice. I knew I needed a different approach if I was to choose the latter. As I am discovering, you make a choice and the Universe will always provide you with whatever you need to manifest this choice, and I see Debbie coming into my life as a direct gift from the Universe. Debbie ability to hold a space of unconditional love, of non judgement, of complete compassion, allowed me the safe space to unravel that which was so tightly bound up with judgment and fear. By virtue of her allowing me to express and feel, yet not wallow and reclaim so much of my (often unconscious) past judged pain, has given me what feels like a new "guidance system" on how to be, how to function in the world. With Debbies help, I learned how to live and let go of anything that does not serve me on my path to wellness and success. I have my life to thank Debbie for. The gift she has shown me is the gift I now wish to take out and share with others who are wanting to make that same choice, to not just survive, but thrive and in turn, give back. To me, that's love in motion. The greatest gift of all.
My love and gratitude go to you Debbie, you truly make the world a better place.

Jacqui Sheales



I attended Debbie’s Spiritual Budget Workshop in February and left filled with hope and transformation. What Debbie has put together is a useful, helpful, soul searching set of tools and framework to get to the very heart of issues affecting our ability to attract and sustain financial abundance in our lives. I’ve never had a problem with the business side of things but earning and attracting money for myself with no limitation has always been a challenge for me. I now understand why and have helpful steps to heal and make changes in myself and how I use my energy.

There is enormous heart energy in her work and these tools are a must for anyone on a spiritual journey who chooses to embrace potential for love and abundance and accept the truth of what they need to change to make that happen. It’s not fluffy; it’s incredibly practical and insightful yet so pure and wise. Thank you so much Deb, I’ve been working with the steps ever since I left the workshop and I can feel that shifts have begun to happen.

Lots of love and heartfelt gratitude for the gifts given,

Lisa Danza
Evolve Coaching and Development

Hi Deb,
Thank you I really enjoyed the workshop.
I really loved the simplicity of the content and how it was presented you made it easy for me to understand it was like 'hullo' I  get it -  and how to work with this in everyday life to create abundance on all levels , I especially loved the bringing together of the deficit and surplus and how I was using my energy in each day - and then reviewing of how I could do it in a better way - much like the nightly review
Thanks & Love




I worked with Deb over a 3 month period initially in 2011 and most recently 1-1 again for 3 months. During that time I was in a job that was almost six figures over in the UK, yet I wasn’t abundant, there was still more month left at the end of the money, I’d regularly get a debt collection notice for small amounts, yet on paper I should never have been even close to that situation. It was through debs teachings, review and reflections that for the first time in my adult I had savings and the tools and confidence to leave that job and have 7 month sabbatical, knowing that I had the money to do so, and that when it began to run out, I had the mindset to fall back on to know I’d be ok and thrive through what life was presenting. Deb provided me with hope in moments when I lost mine, and honest review when I required it. Working with Deb has shown me that abundance isn’t limited to money its in all areas of life, and I look forward to take that forward in the next chapter in my life.


Currency Trader



I thoroughly enjoyed Debbie’s workshop it was very professionally run the venue was great. I found Debbie to be very warm, friendly and approachable I have a greater understanding of myself my beliefs and resistances and how these were affecting my life and keeping me limited.  Since the workshop I am now making changes to my life, there were 7 steps Debbie talked about which have made profound changes to the way I am now learning to live my life by. I am finding my life a lot less complicated and enjoyable.

Thank you Deb

Lorraine Cochrane

I would like to thank you for a wonderfully presented workshop on A Spiritual Budget. It was so well researched planned and presented with such an open heart it was a beautiful day.

 The gift I received from the 7 steps to Financial Freedom workshop was motivation to stop procrastinating around my responsibilities for taking care of my money and to become conscious of where I fritter money away daily. I was inspired to think bigger and was motivated to do a skills audit to focus my energies, identify all my skills and talents to shift my life and contribution to the community to another level. I am loving paying my bills and doing my tax return today and am so grateful for the privilege of hearing how you have grounded spiritual awareness in practical knowledge, authenticity and personal responsibility. You are like a breath of fresh air in the new age movement Deb.

Thank you.

Grief and Loss Counsellor


I found it stimulating and encouraging, re-invigorating my determination to be more in control of spending, as well as being more allowing, much more, of inflow of ideas and money. Since doing the workshop, I have taken more note of what I spend, not because I spend too much but because I know there is some magic in being responsible in knowing how much I spend on what.
I loved the organised way you presented the material, and the projection.
I loved the way you were dressed and looked so spectacularly professional.
You were so generous in sending/sharing the list of affirmations later via the net.

I enjoyed being with you very much, and the lovely environment, and the other people who came along.

Thanks, Debbie!

Carla van Raay

I really enjoyed Deb’s workshop. It was well designed, professional and impactful. Deb has a rare gift of being able to keep it simple, to untangle all the ways we complicate life and bring it back to simplicity in a down to earth and grounded way, making it easy for anyone to take  the seven steps she shares so lovingly on board and bring abundance in all areas. Thanks Deb!
Big love


Hi Deb, thank you so much for a very professional and heart-focused workshop on Sunday. it was a beautiful reminder that there is no separation between our worldly and spiritual experience and that one is the reflection of the other. It was a precious day of illuminating truth that we create our experience on all levels.

Much love and gratitude and looking forward to the upcoming events.



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