A Spiritual Budget - the Seven Steps to Financial Freedom is training and empowering Workshops and Course which is written through my own life experience of growing up with parents with addictions and the resulting financial hardship. Through my journey of discovery with the many clients I have worked with as a Financial Wellness Coach and Mentor, and my extensive background as a Financial Counsellor. I have woven all that I have learnt and everything that I have found successful into my course and presentations to offer you the very best inspiration that this is possible.

The main theme of A Spiritual Budget is to assist you to move past your family financial beliefs and experience and into a life enriched with unlimited abundance.  The most important message is to show that you are much more than you could ever dream you could be.............

The Workshops and Course will inspire you to set an abundance goal and then utilize the Seven Steps to Financial Freedom to achieve that goal, real and true on the ground as a reality. Releasing self-imposed limitation and embracing Self-acceptance is a wonderful beginning!

I very much look forward to sharing and assisting you to rediscover your very real potential for abundance within all aspects of your life and beyond.



One Day Seminars


This workshop will explore how:

  • Your life experience is influenced by your beliefs and self-esteem
  • Resistance can limit your highest potential 
  • Our ability to speak-up can be liberating
  • The gift of giving opens you up to even more abundance
  • Life lived simply can transform any obstacles
  • Financial and spiritual budgets can be the keys to living a more sustainable life 

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Financial Wellness Coach & Mentor

I can also provide you with financial solutions or coaching on a one-to-one basis and group courses. If you are interested in this service please click on the read more section below.

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