Debbie Seaton is an Author, Financial Wellness Coach and Mentor, offering advice and knowledge in the area of financial freedom by embracing abundance and success. Debbie has an extensive background in Financial Counselling; and also has further qualifications as a Financial Wellness Coach, Mentor and Trainer.  Well known for her ability to discover and clear blocks that prevent peoples’ full potential, Debbie offers seminars, classes, mentoring and coaching that examine every day money issues from a practical level, while using the universal principals of abundance to expand one’s life. She is an active community advocate for financial accountability and encourages all to take control of their lives through responsible actions.

Debbie’s roller-coaster journey through early childhood and adolescence has led her to the path of teaching and mentoring others who face similar hardships - financial hardship, rejection and dysfunctionality.

Debbie was born in Sydney, Australia, the eldest of four children.  When she was eight, her mother abandoned the family, leaving her with a father who was incapable of caring for her. She then went to live with her grandfather and his wife in a loveless environment. Four years later Debbie went back to live with her mother who later became an alcoholic and her stepfather was an alcoholic, physically and emotionally abusive.  There followed a troubled, sad and painful adolescence.

Blessed with three children and was married for 34 years, Debbie credits her husband as someone who helped to heal her life.  Although they are no longer married, they remain the best of friends. Debbie’s journey led her to start a new life in Perth.  Having sustained a workplace injury at the age of 39 that required two major surgeries and resulted in the loss of her job, Debbie was faced with living on a disability pension and at the age of 52 moved to the other side of Australia. So passionate was she to break free of the system and become independent, she gave up the safety net of her pension to take on a three-month contract as a financial counsellor (having completed a Diploma in Financial Counselling).  She had to trust that this leap of faith would lead to greater things and allow her to live a life free of the shackles of the system that boxed her in for much of her life.

Leaving Financial Counselling Debbie has moved on to be an Author and successful Financial Wellness Coaching and Mentor and is now living a life of happiness, success and abundance, Debbie is qualified and equipped to teach others how to work through their turbulent financial and personal issues to emerge the other side a happy and fulfilled individual living a life of abundance.

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