Learning How to Budget...

What is it we worry about most is it what our friends, family and society think of us do allow ourselves to be weighed down by the pressures and stresses of life? It can be as easy as locating a financial counsellor in your area, doing an income and expenditure sheet seeing exactly where you need assistance and what options you have to overcome your difficulties.

When we do have the money to pay our bills, do we rant and rave and begrudge giving our hard earned money? If you have this attitude would you honestly think that you would be in the flow of abundance? Of course not this is scarcity and lack. Change your attitude and be grateful for utility bills that keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They enable you to cook meals and listen to beautiful music; our utilities are a service that makes our life so much easier.

Gratitude is a key that opens the door to success, have a look around and see how much you do have to be grateful for, maybe it’s the relationships in your life, your garden, your family, it could be a job or just being able to put food on the table, or a warm bed to sleep in at night. One of the biggest challenges with gratitude is to be grateful when we think things are not going our way. It is quite a challenge to appreciate and be grateful for what we deem to be the hard times in our lives.

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